Patong Beach, Phuket, Thailand

Patong is a beach resort town on the west coast of Phuket Island, facing the Andaman Sea in the southwest of Thailand.

This is an amazing beach and the atmosphere is very relaxed and happy, nice water if not storm season, not too cold. The sand is white and relaxing on a beach chairs is a perfect way to soak it all in. They serve food and drinks right at your beach chair. You will not have to leave your chair at all.

There are many attractions on the beach such as jet skis, Para sailing, and Banana boat rides as well as very kind locals walking up and down the beach selling things like clothes, sun glasses, Henna tattoos, food, drinks, u name it. You can rent a beach chair under an umbrella that will shield you from the harsh sun. You can get a massage, have your hair braided and your nails painted right on the beach.

The local people are what make this place even more enjoyable. They are very friendly and like to joke around. Thai people are lovely, friendly helpful people. So many amazing day trips to go on and food is amazing. There are plenty of bars, restaurants and shops that are adjacent to the beach to go and explore. There are quite a few restaurants that have tables on the beach, a little more expensive but worth a try.

If you are thinking about going to Patong beach for a vacation I suggest you do some research to see if it really is for you as some areas can be bit too much for families (adults only) and underage kids. It all depends on you as you can easily avoid those places and can have fun full family holidays. You will be constantly asked to look in shops or asked if you want a taxi or a massage & if you smile & politely say no thanks you will usually get a thankyou in return.

Tuk Tuks & taxis are readily available on every street corner. The best advice with these is to negotiate a price before you travel anywhere, agree on a price, repeat it and then hop in for the ride.

Phuket provides plenty of activities to cater for all, from elephant trekking, river rafting and quad biking, to sea kayaking through the magnificent caves and island lagoons of the Phang Nga Bay National Park.

Phuket’s other spiritual side boasts some of the most spectacular Temples and the Big Buddha atop Nakkerd Hill, which is visible from just about all over, and while not yet completed it is still an inspiring sight. For more detail shots please check out our Photography page 🙂



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