Our Daily routine of starting day with fresh juice

Fresh juice has the ability to deliver another important group of nutrients – enzymes. Starting your day with healthy choices can provide much needed energy and revitalise you. Not only it freshen you up but also helps increase your focus, productivity and keeps your weight in check. 
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Trying our favourite Food in Asia :)

Food, delicious food. Australians are proud of our local delights because of its multicultural diversity which brought numerous delicious delicacies to the shores of this GREAT country. But there’s so much for our taste buds to explore when we travel overseas. Every country has their unique dishes with an incredible array of flavours and textures. … More Trying our favourite Food in Asia 🙂

Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show 2019:

This show is held once a year during March for 4 days at Carlton Gardens, Victoria Street, Melbourne. We visit each year, there is a wonderful display of flowers, garden structures and various other displays of University students. This show displays lot of famous Australian Horticulturists and Landscaping Teams handy work. Plenty of entertainment for … More Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show 2019:

Sleepless in Seattle :) Road trip Vancouver to Seattle :)

Seattle, also known as the Emerald City due to the lush forests surrounding it, is a modern metropolis with a rich cultural history. Only one hundred miles from the Canadian border we wanted to go Seattle while we were in Vancouver and are glad we done it. The close proximity of the US border near … More Sleepless in Seattle 🙂 Road trip Vancouver to Seattle 🙂

Calgary, Canada

If you’re looking for where the city meets nature, look no further than Calgary. We made Calgary and Banff to discover this area and totally loved it. The city itself is bursting with creativity and cool places to eat, drink, and see. And just under an hour and a half away, you’ll find the Rocky Mountains where there’s … More Calgary, Canada

Vancouver to Revelstoke our first stop of drive through Rockies in winter

This was our first stop. We left Vancouver around 8.30am and arrived Revelstoke around 5pm. The drive should take you around 7 hours but we did few stops along the way and also lunch at Kamloops. We hired a Mitsubishi Outlander 4WD from Vancouver for around $34 a day including insurance. Due to winter and … More Vancouver to Revelstoke our first stop of drive through Rockies in winter

STOP Over (Transit) in China and Great Wall Trip

If traveling through China, the new 144-hour China transit visa is great to see the country without the hassle of applying for a full visa. Unlike traditional tourist visas, a transit visa is issued upon arrival in China. This means that you don’t need to apply before you get on the airplane, which is great. However, there are … More STOP Over (Transit) in China and Great Wall Trip

Berlin Day 4 ☺

Checkpoint Charlie: When you visit Berlin you must visit Checkpoint Charlie. Unless you lived through that time you cannot understand what it would have been like to be cut off from your family and friends, which is what happened during this very sad period of history. Reading the stories on people who escaped and how … More Berlin Day 4 ☺

Berlin Day 3 ☺

Berlin Cathedral: Berlin Cathedral is the short name for the Evangelical Supreme Parish and Collegiate Church in Berlin. It is located on Museum Island in the Mitte borough. The current building was finished in 1905 and is a major work of Historicist architecture of the “Kaiserzeit”. It has amazing architecture and sculptures covering the outside, … More Berlin Day 3 ☺

Berlin Day 2 ☺ – Discovering and understanding reunification of East & West Berlin ☺

As I mentioned in my previous post this city has always fascinated us that how quickly Berlin has shaped into cultural and economic hub of not only Germany but also for Europe. Since reunification, the German government has spent vast amounts of money on reintegrating the two halves of the city and bringing services and … More Berlin Day 2 ☺ – Discovering and understanding reunification of East & West Berlin ☺

Berlin Day 1 ☺

We always wanted to visit Berlin; I am not sure weather it was due to its fascinating past or being current economic powerhouse of European union. But it was one of the must see cities that we wanted to visit during our Europe trip and would like to go back again to see and discover … More Berlin Day 1 ☺

Lake Como, Italy

The elegant and bustling town of Como is the primary and commercial centre for Lake Como. The magnificent scenery of Lake Como (also known as Lake Lario) has fascinated artists and travellers from many years now and we wanted to go and experience this as well. Lake Como continues to attract international celebrities that appreciate the evocative … More Lake Como, Italy

Milan, Italy

Milan was our second stop of our 4 weeks trip to Europe. We always wanted to go and see Milan and around Lake Como area so glad we done it. Milan, a metropolis in Italy’s northern region, is a global capital of fashion and design. Home to the top European banking institutions, it’s a financial … More Milan, Italy

Disneyland Paris

This was our 4th Disneyland trip. We have been to LA, Tokyo and Hong Kong so wanted to go this one as well and TOTLLAY loved it. There is so much to see and do at Disneyland Paris including 2 amazing parks, Disneyland Park and Walt Disney Studios which offer thrilling rides, great shows, parades … More Disneyland Paris

Eiffel Tower

It’s been sometime since our visit to Paris, but I remember it as if it was yesterday! One of the highlights of our trip was definitely visiting the Eiffel Tower. Just seeing it from the ground is tremendous – imagine climbing to the top and enjoying the view. The line might look long, but it … More Eiffel Tower

Louvre Museum, Paris

This is a great museum that has art beyond your imagination, including the Mona Lisa. What an amazing place. We spent over 6 hours looking at pieces from Ancient Egypt/Greece/Rome, France, Italy, England, the Flemish, Dutch, and Renaissance, It is impossible to see all that it has to offer even if you spent an entire … More Louvre Museum, Paris

Dongdaemun Design Plaza and Some more of Seoul

Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP) has a meaning of Dream, Design, and Play. It holds various exhibitions, fashion shows, forums, conferences, and other domestic and international events. Designed by world renowned architect, Zaha Hadid, DDP is the world’s largest atypical architecture. The DDP is comprised of five halls: Art Hall, Museum, Design Lab, Design Market, and … More Dongdaemun Design Plaza and Some more of Seoul

Cheonggyecheon Stream, Seoul, South Korea

Cheonggyecheon is a 10.9-kilometre-long, modern public recreation space in downtown Seoul, South Korea. The Cheonggyecheon Stream is a modern restoration of a natural stream flowing through the heart of Seoul. City planners had the foresight to tear down the 1960’s freeway that had been paved over the stream, and have created a wonderful urban parkland, … More Cheonggyecheon Stream, Seoul, South Korea

Kyoto, Japan

The fact is, Kyoto is the most rewarding city in Japan and a place all travellers should visit at least once in their lives. Kyoto, once the capital of Japan, is a city on the island of Honshu. It’s famous for its numerous classical Buddhist temples, as well as gardens, imperial palaces, Shinto shrines and … More Kyoto, Japan

Hakone, Japan

We hired a car and took a drive to and around Hakone and enjoyed glorious views. We stayed 3 nights in this area, which also included a day trip to Mount Fuji 5thStation. As family of 4 hiring car was the best option which gave us freedom to do and see more place in this … More Hakone, Japan

Tokyo Disneyland, Japan

Welcome to the kingdom of dreams and magic! Tokyo Disneyland with its seven themed lands offers fun attractions and fantastic entertainment.Always fun going to Disneyland. This is very similar to Disneyland in California. Most of the rides have been slightly changed for being in Japan, but there are some still same like the one in … More Tokyo Disneyland, Japan

Odaiba, Tokyo

Odaiba is a hottest new tourism spot in Tokyo. It is futuristic artificial city built on top of the Tokyo Bay landfill. It is situated on the waterfront and is a nice daytrip within Tokyo. It was initially built for defensive purposes in the 1850s, dramatically expanded during the late 20th century as a seaport district, … More Odaiba, Tokyo

Meiji Shrine, Tokyo

Meiji Jingu, in Yoyogi park is an island of peace and serenity in a loud and bustling city. Walking into this park will provide the break you need from the craziness of Tokyo. Astonishing way to show, how Japanese people may advance in technology rapidly and at the very same time keep in touch with … More Meiji Shrine, Tokyo

Shibuya Tokyo, Japan

Shibuya is a shopping and eating district popular with lot of young Tokyo locals and international tourists. There are many reasons to visit Shibuya town centre. The famous crossing, hachiko statue, the shopping experience and many more. Definitely worth the visit. Shinuya is home to world famous pedestrian crossing, which is one of the busiest … More Shibuya Tokyo, Japan

Merlion Park, Singapore

Merlion Park, is a Singapore landmark and major tourist attraction, located at One Fullerton, Singapore, near the Central Business District. You can’t go to Singapore & not visit the Merlion (Mermaid with lion head)specially its the face of Singapore Tourism globally. If you are walking around Clark Quay and the Singapore river area you are … More Merlion Park, Singapore

Singapore Botanic Gardens and The National Orchid Garden

Singapore Botanic Gardens is 158-year-old garden located at the fringe of Orchard Road. It was honoured as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.Founded in 1859 Singapore Botanic Gardenshas the best and most spectacular of tropical flora set in beautiful landscape. National Orchid Garden is part of SBG. Singapore botanic garden is one of the must do … More Singapore Botanic Gardens and The National Orchid Garden

Bangkok, Thailand

We now know why everyone who has been to Thailand raves about it. Thai people are friendly and Thailand offer wonderful food. Bangkok is very busy with lots of things to see and do. Bangkok is a fascinating, exciting and incredible city to visit. It is famous for its food and wild nightlife, most of … More Bangkok, Thailand

Hanging Rock & Mount Macedon Memorial Cross , Victoria, Australia

Hanging Rock is approximately 70 km north-west of and 10 kilometres from Mount Macedon. Since the 1967 novel of Joan Lindsey “Picnic at the Hanging Rock” and 1975 motion picture of “Picnic at Hanging Rock” it has become somewhat of an icon to the simple mystery depicted and remains a wonderful place to experience. It is … More Hanging Rock & Mount Macedon Memorial Cross , Victoria, Australia

Blue Mountains, New South Wales, Australia

The Blue Mountains are a mountainous area 50 Kilometres North West of Sydney. Blue Mountains get their name from the natural blue haze created by vast eucalypt forestsaround this area. There are numerous activities on offer in the mountains, from rock climbing, abseiling and many more with experience local operators. Echo Point Lookout is one of the … More Blue Mountains, New South Wales, Australia

Twelve Apostles

12 apostles is probably the main reason you are on the Great Ocean Road in the first place and can be called jewel in the crown of Great Ocean Road. These are natural formations along a very rugged coastline, very much weathered by the sea, wind & climate. Some of them have ended up in … More Twelve Apostles