Hanging Rock & Mount Macedon Memorial Cross , Victoria, Australia

Hanging Rock is approximately 70 km north-west of and 10 kilometres from Mount Macedon. Since the 1967 novel of Joan Lindsey “Picnic at the Hanging Rock” and 1975 motion picture of “Picnic at Hanging Rock” it has become somewhat of an icon to the simple mystery depicted and remains a wonderful place to experience.

It is an amazing place with unique rock formation, happened 6.25 million years ago. Climbing the top of the rock formations to look out over the beautiful countryside farmlands is simply amazing. Children of all ages from 5 to 15 will have their imaginations fired by the many different paths and openings that inter cross the rock.

There is a very nice teahouse and gift shop. Entry to the park is $10 per vehicle not per person, which you will have to pay prior to leaving the Park. There are toilets and a playground and lots of picnic areas. The grass area by the cafe is lovely. The washrooms are at the bottom near the parking so please go to toilets before starting the walk as there are no toilets during the walk to the summit and back.

It is seemingly random structure of chaotically distributed pinnacles, which makes it a rare sight. With such a striking aspect it may well leave you breathless to the fact that the forces of nature sculpted it over six million years.

There are well-defined paths for the walker so becoming lost is pretty much impossible. The climb up into the volcanic rock formation is fairly strenuous. A person of average fitness will have no issues, but wheelchairs and prams would be hard work up some of the steeper paths.The views from the top are beautiful and so representative of this gorgeous area of Victorian countryside. Moving up through the rock formations the scenery changes constantly. It only took us about 50 minutes to climb to the top of the summit with kids and on the way up took quite few shots on as well (wear good hiking boots or runners with grip). There are a few areas where it is sensible to keep careful control over where the kids going, as there are slippery rock slopes, and steep drops. I suggest you take a drink & maybe small snack for the kids so you can sit for a while and enjoy the views.

There is good chance you’ll see koalas and kangaroos according to locals. We spotted few kangaroos in the Park and they were quite friendly to take photos with.


Mount Macedon Memorial Cross

“Lest we forget”

After Melbourne’s Shrine of Remembrance, Mt Macedon Memorial Cross is considered the most significant war memorial in Victoria. Top of the Mount Macedon Ranges, massive concrete cross to commemorate the ANZAC Diggers. Originally built in 1930’s, then deteriorated and rebuilt in 1995. It is a very moving experience and teaching kids to be appreciative of the great men who lost their lives to save this beautiful country. It is a very respectful place so please be respectful of the significant of this place.

Good lookout on a clear day, well maintained wide path suitable for wheel chair access etc. Worth the trip to experience views across Melbourne and surroundings. For more detail shots please check out our Photography page 🙂













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