Few Days in Sydney, Australia

Sydney has beautiful landmarks, which include the most iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge and Opera House. We have been there few times but with the kids this was our first trip. We stayed in Darling Harbour, which was close to everything and has its own charm as well.

Sydney is the largest city in Australia and has largest immigrant population, which contributes to its thriving economy. The city continues to grow which can be challenging at time for its infrastructure but local government is always trying to improve on these facilities.

Sydney can be fun for the kids and especially our kids took lot of interest in kids’ friendly attractions, which we did with.

Most popular ones are

  • Sydney Opera House
  • Sydney Harbour Bridge
  • Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb them
  • Explore Circular Quay
  • Bondi to Bronte Coastal Walk
  • Taronga Zoo
  • Darling Harbour
  • Luna Park
  • Picnic in the Royal Botanic Gardens
  • Sydney Aquarium
  • Sydney Wildlife World
  • Madame Tussauds
  • Australian National Maritime Museum
  • Chinese Friendship garden
  • Cockatoo Island

Sydney Harbour Bridge is the first of many breathtaking sites you will see in Sydney. Do not pass it up! For those wanting the cheap thrill, walk across the bridge, it is free with a great view. Tip: go in the morning and you will be the only one on the bridge. If you want to learn about the bridge without breaking your wallet then go up the Sydney Harbour Bridge Pylon Lookout. It is well worth the price and you get a great high up view of the city and the opera house. We did not do the Bridge Climb because my daughter is still too young to do the climb. But totally enjoyed the walk and drove over it few times. The views are absolutely beautiful.

It is little noisy due to the traffic driving across. You can get to the bridge from the lift at circular quay, but that means about half a mile of walking next to the motorway – not great. The better way is to climb the stairs behind the Rocks which brings you out just at the start of the bridge.

If you go in Sydney you cannot miss the Opera House. I mean, it is impossible to look around from anywhere and do not see it!
The best places to watch it I think are from the harbour bridge at sunset and from the botanic garden at midday. If you like photography and the sky is blue, shots can be really wonderful.

We did not do the Opera House tour. As a family of four (5 & 9-year-old) I figured it was too expensive and the kids would be bored. I’m glad we made that choice. Lucky for us there was a children’s play and we were able to get tickets. This, for us, was even better than the tour. The kids loved it and still talk about it. They’ll always have that memory of watching a show at this remarkable site. So, in my recommendation, skip the tour and take in a show. You’ll enjoy every minute of it.

We were able to watch a little bit of the ballet rehearsing. This tour was one of the highlights of our Sydney trip.

Taronga zoo has to be one of the prettiest Zoo in the world. We had a fantastic time visiting with children. Kids love this place and adults will love the views from various points along the walk.
The best way to see the zoo is to get the ferry across, then catch the cable car up to the top (it is built on a hill) and then make your way to the bottom, where you can catch the ferry again. We recommend getting a map and deciding where you want to go and what shows you want to see – go early for the seal show, as you may not be able to get seats.

This zoo is very open concept–many animals are not in cages. Go to this zoo for the full day and you will not be disappointed. On the day we visited, it was clear and sunny and as we strolled amongst the immaculate grounds between animal exhibits we experienced many spectacular city and harbour views.The shows are quite impressive and the people working are really accommodating. Taronga Zoo is constantly being updated and modernised and is a world-class zoo. The Zoo has a wide range of local and exotic animals. The best views of the harbour are from the giraffe and chimpanzee enclosures.

We would recommend getting the all-inclusive ticket if you are taking the ferry. This will cover your ferry ride to and from the zoo, as well as your zoo ticket and the lift up to the zoo! Take the lift up to the zoo! It is beautiful! For more detail shots please check out our Photography page 🙂

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