Tesselaar Tulip Festival

The tulips were in full bloom and what amazing sight. This place reminds you of a place from Holland. They claim to have one million bulbs and likely there were. … More Tesselaar Tulip Festival


10 OUR reasons why travel GOOD for you

Throughout time, travel has been considered to be educational. Travellers have undertaken journeys in order to learn, and people still refer anecdotally to the educational benefits of travel. Yet there is belief among many that education happens primarily in the classroom, even though learning can occur in many contexts, including travel. Travellers gather knowledge as they “understand, learn, discover, explore, and make sense of other places”. If you’re here on our website, you’re probably thinking of travelling already. If you need that final push to go on your next trip, how about we give you 10 good reasons why travel is good for you. … More 10 OUR reasons why travel GOOD for you

Trying our favourite Food in Asia :)

Food, delicious food. Australians are proud of our local delights because of its multicultural diversity which brought numerous delicious delicacies to the shores of this GREAT country. But there’s so much for our taste buds to explore when we travel overseas. Every country has their unique dishes with an incredible array of flavours and textures. … More Trying our favourite Food in Asia 🙂