Walking on Frozen lake Louise, Canada

Widely considered the Banff National Park’s top attraction, Lake Louise is transformed in winter into a snowy wonderland. It was an amazing experience for us to walk on frozen Lake Louise. It was like time has gone to stand still and when we removed the top layer of ice could clearly see down the lakebed as if everything inside was preserved in a time capsule. Our kids were fascinated and were very careful walking on frozen Lake Louise as if they will fall through. I have tap ice in front of them to assure them that it is safe to walk on frozen Lake Louise.

Once they were sure it is safe to walk on it they loved it and were enjoying walking on the Lake. Even they were fascinated to know that few days time you can do ice skating on the Lake.

It was a real treat to be in the Canadian Rockies in its “off season”. A highlight from the trip was being able to walk to the middle of Lake Louise, surrounded by towering snow-capped peaks and forest covered in a blanket of fresh snow. Pure magic!

TOTALLY LOVED IT and wanted to enjoy holiday season little different to what we experience in AUSTRALIA.


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