Spring Blossoms Best spots in Korea

We love Japan because of it cherry blossoms but Korea is just as beautiful but not very many people know about it unless you are local Korean. Other than main cities and Seoul, places which we are going to mention below are way less crowded than in Japan and may be less touristy as well but you will have to find them as they are out of towns and main cities. Start planning for next year 🙂


Gyeonghwa Station

Maybe you’ve seen cherry blossoms before, but we bet you’ve never seen them while taking a special train that only operates during the cherry blossom festival. Unique Korail locomotives is fascinating in itself. You can stroll along the train tracks under the breathtaking rows of cherry trees. The 800-metre long tunnel of cherry blossoms is a stunning sight that looks like it came straight out of this World and you will be lost for words to describe the true beauty of this area.

Yeojwacheon Stream

Jinhae’s most popular cherry blossom viewing spots, the bridge across Yeojwacheon Stream shot to fame after it was featured prominently in the 2002 MBC drama Romance. Bask in the beauty of the blossoms lining Yeojwacheon Stream as you stroll along the wooden decked path and enjoy delicious street food from vendors that only appear during the cherry blossom.

Bomun Lake

Bomun Lake is a man-made lake in Gyeongju that covers an area of 1.65km2 and unlike other places where cherry trees are only found in certain spots, Gyeongju was developed to be the perfect cherry blossom viewing area. Upon arrival at Bomun Lake, you will be captivated by the sea of pink and white cherry blossoms reflecting off the surface of the lake. The crowds are much more spread out here, so you’ll have no difficulty getting perfect photos without other tourists in the background. While you there make sure to check out nearby Bulguksa Temple which was designated a World Cultural Asset by UNESCO in 1995.


Jinhae district in Busan is famous for its cherry blossoms. Of course, an area boasting over 200,000 cherry trees will celebrate the beauty of the blossoms every year with a cherry blossom festival! The military presence in Jinhae adds an interesting twist to the Jinhae Gunhangje Festival. In addition to street performances, carnival stalls and special street lighting, there are also military parades.

Camellia Hill

With all the different flowers blooming in Spring, why limit yourself to cherry blossoms only. When in Jeju, be sure to visit the Camellia Hill estate. Camellia Hill is a botanical garden that not only features cherry blossoms but many other flowering plants. During this period, camellias and azaleas are also in full bloom. Camellia Hill is spread over 20 acres, and houses over 6000 camellia trees of different varieties! With their vibrant pinks, ranging from the lightest blush to the deepest fuchsia, the flowers at Camellia Hill will definitely fascinate you.


Different species of cherry trees produce different flowers? The King Cherry tree is native to Jeju Island, and they produce the largest and most beautiful of all cherry blossoms. The delicate pink flowers are celebrated in the Jeju Cherry Blossom Festival, which is held in the area of Jeonnong-ro and near Jeju University. Admission to the Festival is free.

Jangboksan Sculpture Park

10,000 cherry trees are interspersed among pine tree at Jangboksan Sculpture Park. Being located on Mt. Jangbok, the park overlooks all of Jinhae, giving you unforgettable views of the cityscape and cherry blossoms. The cherry trees form a 1.5km long cherry blossom tunnel that stretches out towards both ends of the park. Another one of the most beautiful spot in Korea during Cherry blossom season.

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