Best Reasons to Book your Trip Early

If you are planning your next holiday best advice is to plan early, do plenty of home work and book early. Once we are back from our holidays, we start planning our next. Leaving it last minute is not a good idea and you will miss on lot of specials and good deals also at the same time you will feel rushed as well for both in booking stage and during your holidays as well. We as a family have few good reasons why you should be booking early for your next trip. Flexibility and booking early are two of the best tips for booking cheaper flights and on not to miss out on your MUST DO LIST. While last-minute deals can also be found, your options will be limited. 

First and for most No stress:

Booking your holidays early ensures that you have plenty of time to settle everything before you leave. You’ll even have time to remember letting family know where you’ll be at the certain time of your journey, making arrangements for pet and house-sitting, or saving plenty of money and looking forward to spending it on your well deserved break. You will also have plenty of time to check necessary procedures such as visa applications and passport renewals. You will have time to do home work regarding what to pack depending upon the weather of your destination. With months and months to go before you actually fly off, you’ll be able to stretch out and enjoy the excitement of looking forward to your upcoming break. Take your time to get everything done, and just let the pre-holiday buzz build.

Most of all you will be less stressed about all the essentials of preplanning rather looking forward to enjoying your trip. 


Can be picky and choosey regarding dates & destinations:

Popular destinations during peak travel times such as school holidays and long weekends get snapped up really quickly. You’ll have a better picture of when is the best time to book your flight, hotels and destination. As I mentioned before popular destinations or smaller cities usually have their accommodations fill up fast. 

If you want to go to one of popular places be sure to book as early as you can. Prices will only go up as we get closer to in-demand dates. Even some time flights or seats are limited so once they’re sold out, they are gone. You’ll have to find an alternative destination which can be costly and bring more planning related stress than excitement. By planning early you will have your pick of dates and destinations.

You’ll not miss out:

There’s no denying that if you book early, then you are more likely to get exactly what you’re after. Those who know exactly what they want will appreciate this factor. Haven’t you had the experience of wanting to sign up for a tour package, only to be told it’s full? Of course, no tour agency wants to disappoint their clients so they do their best to open up another tour but if there aren’t enough people then they can’t go ahead and you will miss out. Especially in Australia 3 out of 4 Aussies miss out on getting the best travel deals by booking too late. On average, according to Skyscanner’s data booking 22 weeks in advance to international destinations is the optimum time to get the greatest savings and also guarantee the destination which you want. 

You will get Early Bird Specials:

Usually we have seen prices tend to go up, closer you get to your travel dates especially peak seasons. It is possible to snap up some great last-minute deals however it is not the case if you travelling in peak season to some of most popular destinations in the World. It is much better to take advantage of low prices early by booking early.

You will see plenty of early bird specials. There is a reason for that. Tour costs tend to go up the closer we get to the departure date, and tour agencies can’t keep giving discounts to entice people to sign up. If they continue giving early bird deals and discounts, they may very well end up losing money. All these rising costs end up getting transferred to the customer. You can easily avoid this rise if you book early and take advantage of the lower prices and discounts.


Things to remember prior to planning your next big adventure:

  • Be Flexible
  • Set Price Alerts for your trip
  • Book Early
  • Consider Discount Airlines for connecting flights
  • Use More Than One Travel Portal for search and planning
  • Register for short listed Airline Specials

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