Sleepless in Seattle :) Road trip Vancouver to Seattle :)

Seattle, also known as the Emerald City due to the lush forests surrounding it, is a modern metropolis with a rich cultural history. Only one hundred miles from the Canadian border we wanted to go Seattle while we were in Vancouver and are glad we done it. The close proximity of the US border near Vancouver makes it easy and routine for Vancouverites to travel across the Vancouver to Seattle border for vacations and more. Being from Australia, It was amazing experience for my family and I to hire a car from Vancouver and drive to USA. It was an easy trip and if your are planning one you will Totally love it. 

There are four border crossings that you can use to travel from Vancouver to Seattle. From west to east, they are the Peace Arch (where Highway 99 ends in Canada then becomes I-5 in the U.S.), Pacific Highway (used by buses and trucks and accessible via 99; it also leads you back to I-5 in the U.S.), Lynden/Aldergrove and Sumas/Abbotsford. All crossings have a NEXUS lane for NEXUS card holders for a faster transit across the border.

If you’re traveling by bus from Vancouver, you will cross at the Pacific Highway crossing. The Peace Arch crossing tends to be more popular with visitors that are driving their own vehicles across as it links with the main highways on either side of the border. To travel across the Vancouver to Seattle border crossings, you will need appropriate travel documents to pass through immigration. 

Once we arrived in Seattle what an eye opener. We TOTALLY loved this place. Downtown city and harbour areas are amazing. Also we did factory outlets and grabbed some bargains for kids. 

Seattle is famous for following attractions. We enjoyed some of them and could not do the rest because having not enough time but definitely will be back in near future to enjoy it all. 

1. Space Needle –

2. Starbucks Coffee – the home of the largest coffee chain in the world.

3. Microsoft – headquarters are in Redmond

4. Grunge music – Nirvana

5. Weather – Rain!

6. Outdoor activities – great riding, hiking etc

7. Frasier TV series – set in Seattle. 

8. Mount Rainier

9. Pike Place Market! 

10. Grey’s Anatomy TV series – set in Seattle

11. Boeing factory – one of the worlds largest employers.

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