Myeong-dong Market, Seoul, South Korea

Lots of neat food stands for cheap snacks or meals. Lots of shops and Lotte Department is a must-see to witness how Koreans shop, especially at rush hour at the basement grocery section of the store, or eat at stalls. What else can we say? It’s all here. This place is so popular that they never completely close, Don’t waste your time trying to be clever to find an off day with lower volume because this district is jam-packed seven days a week. The good news is that all the stores, stalls, carts, and shops that make their living here are completely used to the maddening crowds and have perfectly adapted to it.

In fact, this is a must see just for the experience alone, because you have never seen anything like it before and likely won’t again. Even if you don’t spend a dime here it will be something you will never forget. PSY’s Gangnam style is blasting at night. You can find all beauty brands on the streets. You can try the famous Korean food, e.g. grilled meat, ginseng chicken soup, or western fast food Starbucks, Burger king as well.
Local fashion shops SPAO or international chains, Zara, H&M, Forever 21 are all here.K pop shops are just situated inside Nature Republic. You will find lot of cosmetics stores along the street. Just a tip, go here at night. There are street stalls at night, which are selling lot of stuff. You can find also street food stalls in the area. Indeed a cool place to shop especially bags, clothes and beauty products.

The street starts from the exit of the subway station. There are many good stores on the both side of the street. The smell of barbequed octopus or local delicacy fills up the air. Shopping is good for all kind of budget.

This shopping district is filled with life, Music, voices and smell of food is everywhere?
Best time to visit around evening when roadside stalls open. My wife totally loved it and bought few cosmetics items for her self.



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