My Home on fire – Australian Bushfires recovery

To be honest this is how we felt like having our own home on fire and can still feel the pain of this great nation of ours. The bushfires that have threatened some communities in recent weeks have been highly distressing for all of us in Australia. Australians are suffering from bushfire crisis that’s ravaged communities and towns around the state and nation. Lot of us are searching for how we can make a meaningful contribution to the relief efforts as the fires continue to rage on across the country. 

There are plenty of organisations helping to raise fund towards recovery efforts for these communities. There is no definitive list who you should support and contribute but its all up to individuals who they like to support so that their contribution goes to the most vulnerable of the community effected by these devastating fires.

As you all know we love to travel and on the same bases we thought why not have our say to make you come to Australia for your this year’s travel plans. We would like you to visit those towns and communities which are effected by these fires so that you being there and supporting those businesses in need can help them recover. 

Fires caused Australia’s most popular national parks into an eerie place, but new growth is breaking through and waiting for you to come and experience. 

There has been lot of coverage in media related to this but on the other side its all behind us and Australia is open for business. While thousand and thousands of hectors have burnt asking for our help but there are plenty of spots which still in their pristine condition, waiting for you to come and experience. 

That’s the best help you could provide is come to Australia in 2020 and experience this beautiful country.

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