Conure makes great pet – Introducing our Jelly Bean

We decided to have addition to our family and added 2 finishes (Scotch & Soda) and one Conure (Jelly Bean). Kids were very creative in naming them. One of our friend is breeder and have gifted us Green Cheek Conure. Green-cheeked conures can be outgoing and comical, but they can also be a little shyer than other conures. These birds love their play and will appreciate a good rotation of toys and a spacious cage to run around. They are known to be affectionate and playful with their owners, thriving on time spent socializing with them.

Conures make awesome pets, as long as you’re able to tend to their needs. The green-cheeked conure is found in wild in Brazil, Bolivia, Argentina and Paraguay, where it inhabits forests and woodland areas.

Their noise level depends on the species, GCC being the quietest, loudest being the Dusky, Patagonian, sun conures, there’s a couple of others too.

The GCC is the the second most popular because of it’s playfulness, quietness & gentleness compared to the others. Sun Conures are the most popular because of their beautiful colours.

ALL conures are great birds. Our Jelly Bean will do anything to live on your shoulder 24/7. They will do anything for you & your attention. He is very social and playful, very demanding on human interaction & big chewer. He needs loads of chewing things or you’ll end up with no clothes left 🙂 

Most of the time Jelly Bean will only screams if encouraged by another bird, see a stranger in the yard, house or walk past or if he is lonely. You can’t always get a loud conure to be 100% quiet but it’s never impossible to keep them down to dull roar. Just keep them happy & occupied. In the wild, green-cheeked conures feast on fruits, vegetables, seeds, and the occasional insect or two. Pet conures in captivity should have a similar diet—for optimum health, feed your conure a wide variety of fresh fruits and vegetables, supplemented with a high-quality pelleted diet, and give chopped fruit & vegetables to make life easier for you and healthier for your bird. Doing so will provide your conure with the best foundation for lifelong health and happiness.

We are loving him and kids love spending time with him, feeding and cleaning his cage. 

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