Kiama, New South Wales, Australia

Kiama is a coastal town 120 kilometres south of Sydney in the Illawarra. One of the main tourist attractions is the Kiama Blowhole.

The Azure waters that rim the township of a Kiama are astounding in their hues of brilliant velvet blues. We had a great time at the Kiama. What a beautiful place to visit. We walked around the harbour then had a coffee and bite to eat at the eatery there. Also a fish shop selling catch of the day, very fresh good quality seafood. Picturesque place that you must visit if you are near Kiama.

The historical town is loaded just beside the harbour, bridge and blowhole. Enough things to do on a day or half day trip. Lovely walk along the promenade. Nice historical buildings and some shops.

Kiama Coastal Walk is one of the fun walks we ever done. The best sections are Cathedral Rocks, Bombo Headlands and the Kiama Blowhole. If you are lucky enough to be walking during the whale migration season you may see whales coming in close to the beaches and rock faces. It is a long walk and you can spend a day discovering everything but with the littleness we did easy and scenic sections.

Kiama Blowhole is a natural attraction on headland overlooking Kiama Harbour. Don’t go looking for the amazing photos you see of waves shooting up as high as the lighthouse. This only happens when there are the right conditions of wind and tide. Check out the Little Blowhole (a few Km south) which is more consistent. However it is still a great place to visit as there are fantastic views to the ocean and town, as well as a cafe, tourist office and the Kiama Historical Museum in the same area. If it is hot you can have a swim at the rock pool or go for fishing if you like fishing. Beautiful area, well looked after and very visitor friendly. You can spend half an hour, or several hours appreciating the beauty of nature and the well presented lighthouse.

My two young children loved visiting the blowhole! Even though it was relatively calm, the blowhole still performed. It was a glorious Sunday, not a cloud in the sky and there were so many people visiting this natural attraction. It kept my children entertained for quite a while. They loved to anticipate the next ‘blow’ and were in awe of how high it could go!  A visit to the blowhole is a must when visiting Kiama.

Cathedral Rocks are amazing formation of volcanic rocks. A lesser known attraction in this area, and what a surprise! The views of the rocks are breathtaking. Beautiful beach on one side, more rocks on another. Drive closer to them from both sides to appreciate the beauty. You can walk down the slope and have a stroll along the shore as well. What a beauty! For more detail shots please check out our Photography page 🙂





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