Blue Mountains, New South Wales, Australia

The Blue Mountains are a mountainous area 50 Kilometres North West of Sydney. Blue Mountains get their name from the natural blue haze created by vast eucalypt forestsaround this area. There are numerous activities on offer in the mountains, from rock climbing, abseiling and many more with experience local operators.

Echo Point Lookout is one of the most popular spot to catch the glimpse of three sisters. Good sized car park, easy access down to very large viewing platforms on two different levels. The site is well designed for safety.There were plenty of spaces to accommodate all the tourists. We were very lucky with the weather, it was as clear as it could be.

It is impossible to describe the views, they are just magnificent. There is a tourist information centre, clean toilets, shops and food outlets nearby. Overlooking the valley of the Blue Mountains definitely makes one realize how small they really are in the world. It’s a massive forest of eucalyptus trees and other native plants that are absolutely beautiful to see.

We have always loved Katoomba and the surrounding heritage national park and the stunning views to rival any in the World. Beside Echo Point, there is also a walking track of about 1 to 2 kilometres downhill to view the 3 sisters even closely. Some steep stairs are involved and a bridge between the three sisters but all pretty easy to deal with.

We noticed when the weather changes so do The Three Sisters. They could be clocked in mist or look splendid in the rain or glow in the warmth of the sun.

There are fabulous walks along the cliff top to the northeast. Fortunately we did the walk first, up and down, past streams and waterfalls. Steep at some places but beautifully maintained with steps cut into the hillside where needed. This whole area is amazing and beautiful. Amazing formations keep your eyes busy for hours.

There are few famous waterfalls in this area. We did Minnehaha Falls which is situated on the north side of Katoomba away from the Three Sisters and Scenic World. The walk was about 25 minutes to get to Minnehaha Falls and the same on the way back. Our kids loved it and asked quite few questions related to water falls and how the form.

Govett’s Leap is an other great cliff edge viewpoint in the Blue Mountains that has a great view of Govett’s creek as it becomes a waterfall over the sheer cliff. There has been lot of rain recently and the cliffs are lush with ferns. The viewpoint is fenced and has toilet and picnic facilities. There is some parking but can be crowded on weekends.

Please take care when walking down the track to the bottom of the water fall. It is about 500-600 steps. The stairs are uneven; there is lot of water dripping onto the steps, making it slippery.

There is a very popular picnic area at the lookout but remember to buy your supplies at the shopping mall in Blackheath before you go to the lookout!. Blackheath itself is a cute mountain village with great old world guesthouse accommodation and excellent restaurants. A relaxing place to stay and explore the Blue Mountains. For more detail shots please check out our Photography page 🙂




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