Surf Coast walk – Torquay

Torquay is a beautiful beachside town with plenty of specialty shops, cafes and restaurants. There is something in Torquay for everyone: excellent surfing, awesome surf shops, great for singles, families or couples. It is a good base to stay to explore the coastal areas along the Great Ocean Road. We have been coming to Torquey since we married 20 years ago and Anna brought up in neighbouring town Ocean Grove so she has memories of coming to this town since her childhood. Torquay has expanded significantly, but still has that quaint holiday feel. It is no longer a small town but it is still lovely. The beaches have plenty of sand, and the water is clean. There is a camping ground and plenty of other types of accommodation. Torquay is less than 80km from Melbourne city, so if you are an overseas visitor visiting Melbourne you can’t go wrong if you take a trip down to Torquay and along the Great Ocean Road where you will encounter some of the most beautiful coastline and amazing beachside towns in the world.

Torquay is Australia’s surfing capital.  As the birthplace of renowned surfing brands Rip Curl and Quicksilver, the culture of surfing is embedded deeply. Torquay is home to world-famous beaches such as Bells Beach and Jan Juc, much loved by experienced surfers, if you’re around during Easter break, head to the infamous Rip Curl Pro, one of the most sought after titles on the World Championship Tour, which is held on Bells Beach.

We always love coming Torquay and surrounding area to enjoy Surf Coast walk with kids. We usually start at the end of The Esplanade, where we follow the beachside path and head behind the Surf Club. We cross the tidal channel via a wooden boardwalk over Spring Creek. It is an easy walk to Rocky Point and the views are amazing which you will remember for very longtime. We walked on to the lookout. It features two viewing platforms; one looking East to Torquay and the other looking West towards Bells Beach. Stone seating is layered to represent the rocky reef breaks offshore. 

The Surf Coast Walk starts at Point Impossible, five kilometres northeast of Torquay, taking you through windswept dunes to the Torquay promenade with the conveniences of local cafes and shops for a refresh.  The path then heads out to Bells Beach before moving on to Anglesea.  In total, the Surf Coast Walk has 44km of well maintained trail, with many entry and exit points providing bite sized options. There are 12 tracks connected to each other from 1.5 km to 9 km depending upon your strength you can do any of them or all. We have done all of them and will totally recommend.


  1. Point Impossible – Yellow Bluff
  2. Yellow Bluff – Point Danger
  3. Point Danger – Bird Rock
  4. Bird Rock – Bells Beach
  5. Bells Beach – Point Addis
  6. Point Addis – Anglesea
  7. Anglesea Visitor Centre and Riverbanks 
  8. Anglesea – Point Roadknight
  9. Point Roadknight – Urquhart Bluff
  10. Urquhart Bluff – Sunnymead
  11. Sunnymead – Aireys Lighthouse
  12. Aireys Lighthouse – Fairhaven

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