Stay home – Fun for Family

If you’re a family with young kids here’s a list of stay-home activities that’s fun for everyone during this social distance time of Coronavirus pandemic. Best advice will be is to do something different and involve entire family so that everyone is included. Also our lives are too cluttered with all of the things that we need to do at home, work, school, in our religious or civic lives, with friends and family, with hobbies, and so on. This is a best opportunity to declutter all that and spend some quality time with your family and kids. 

Here’s to making memories with time, not things.

Cooking: Nothing brings the family together as much as  food does. Cooking or baking with the family can be lots of fun, and at the end of the activity you will have delicious food to enjoy as family which you prepared together.

Games and physical activity: Play games involving entire family if you have backyard space if living in an apartment then take online fitness class to make it fun for the family. 

Board Games or Puzzles: Buy some boardgames or puzzles and involve entire family to play. You will enjoy as whole family and it is a great way to connect with you family in a fun way. 


Go for a Walk, Run, rollerblade or Bike ride: While we are in these Coronavirus related restrictions. It a best opportunity to discover you own suburb or neighbourhood. You will be surprised to see how many things you have in your local area and what you have been missing at. Kids will enjoy it and can become your weekend activity as a family. Also a great way to get fit and healthy as a family. 

Paint or Draw as a family: If you are new to art and drawing take an online class as family or some YouTubing and you will be surprised how beneficial that can be. Once you’re equipped with the right skills it will be very effective, creating everlasting memories as a family which your kids will remember for years to come. A hands-on craft activity is particularly useful during this time, and will keep young children entertained for hours. It’s also a good way to allow the kids to express their creativity.This can include sewing project, painting or creating your own flower arrangement. Create your own meaningful display as a family. 

Brewing your Own Teas and Coffee: Working from home means you’ll need your coffee fix to be readily available without having to step out. This is the perfect time to learn how to brew a cuppa for yourself and family members who are home-based as well. You can take home-based barista coaching session that will teach you and family members how to make lattes and espressos of cafe quality. The sessions allow you to kickstart your tea and coffee-making journey right from the comfort of home.

Repaint your room or Kid’s room: If you’ve been living with a plain white or builder’s bold colour, why not try a paint colour with a bit more oomph? Slate, charcoal, mocha and silvery green are all elegant choices to modernise your room. Sometime painting just one wall to different colour can create a feature wall which can be more effective than painting the entire room to a different colour. Deciding on a paint colour depends upon furnishing in that room or area.

Reading and writing: Some of my fondest memories as a child have to do with reading aloud and creating stories with my family. Modelling a love for reading and writing impacts a child’s interest for learning activities. There are plenty of fun ways to make reading & writing a fun and engaging family activity. Literacy should be a family affair especially now when kids are not going school and doing online classes. Plus it’ll bring you closer, I promise.

Gardening: Depending on the size of your garden, maintaining it can be a great way to be physically fit. This could be as strenuous as mowing the lawn, or as gentle as getting a good stretch and practice stabilising yourself while kneeling, sitting or reaching. In fact, gardening is a recommended activity for all ages as it can encourage the use of many motor skills, improve endurance and strength and keep you moving. Working with plants provides serious stress relief and positive sensory stimulation, suggests an experiment done by NASA in 2016. That’s right, the scientists responsible for sending humans into space have discovered that gardening can keep astronauts sane and happy in the severe environment of outer space. It is a fun activity for whole family to do and enjoy. Also have very rewarding outcome as well. 

Sit around a Fire Pit: Relaxing around a fire pit is a wonderful way for your family to enjoy time outdoors together. Once the sun sinks below the horizon and you’re warming your toes by the fire. There are plenty of physical and storytelling games will have your family laughing and learning together. Plus, playing these games with your kids is an easy way to have fun together as family. Also you can create delicious meals on the fire and later kids can toast marshmallows adding sweet taste to this activity for entire family. Yes, it’s safe to cook marshmallows over a fire pit. This activity is great for just the family or for a whole crowd of kids. Your blazing fire pit creates a soothing ambiance after the sun goes down. It’s incredibly relaxing. But your fire pit offers more than just a captivating light-show; it also provides a fantastic opportunity to gather with the people you love, spend quality time together, and make great memories.

Photo Fun: While you doing all the above activities ask kids to make plenty of photos or videos and then involve kids to create photography projects using photo apps. Once these projects are created share them to your social media and blogs to create fun and encouragement for yourself and family. These will create everlasting memories for your beautiful family. Something to look back when kids are grown up.

Moments of elevation are experiences that rise above the routine. They make us feel engaged, joyful, amazed, motivated making everlasting memories as family. 

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