Singapore Botanic Gardens and The National Orchid Garden

Singapore Botanic Gardens is 158-year-old garden located at the fringe of Orchard Road. It was honoured as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.Founded in 1859 Singapore Botanic Gardenshas the best and most spectacular of tropical flora set in beautiful landscape. National Orchid Garden is part of SBG.

Singapore botanic garden is one of the must do tourist attraction both for tourists and local residents. The gardens have strong combination of botanical and horticultural history making them attractive spot for nature lovers. The orchid gardens are also attached although you do pay a small fee to enter. Overall a nice way to spend a day or few of hours. The Gardens are a great place to relax, have picnic with family or get away from the city’s stress. There is a beautiful lake with white swans swimming along as well as turtles, it really is a must see on your itinerary. We had a fantastic lunch at one of the restaurants, which is in the Ginger Garden, the food was amazing.

This is a totally relaxing venture but is best to be done early morning before the heat rises and makes the walking uncomfortable. There are shade trees everywhere and seats to rest on hat, comfortable shoes and water are essentials especially if you are with little ones.

The Orchid Garden is a must see with a $5 entrance fee for adults. Within and at the back of the Burkill Hall are famous orchids named after famous people. Including Nelson Mandela, Margaret Thatcher, Princess Diana and many more. Orchid Garden is definitely a must see if you are in Singapore Botanic Garden. Ideal time would be the early morning hours so that the afternoon humidity can be avoided. It is well maintained and easily accessible with beautifully landscaped paths. The Orchid display is just spectacular; there are just so many varieties and colours, which were very fascinating for the kids.

As I mentioned before entrance to the Botanical Gardens is free, entry to the Orchid Gardens is $5. However, the $5 is totally worth it, if you are a student or 60 years and above, you will pay only $1. It is free for children below 12 years. This place is just so spectacular that it is very hard to describe in words. We would strongly suggest visiting if you are in Singapore for few days. Our kids totally loved it.




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