Dip at Aquaventure Waterpark Dubai

We wanted to do this park since it opened and everyone was glad that we did it and the day was full of fun for whole family.

We went to Aquaventure at Atlantis for a day during our vacation in Dubai. We arrived at opening time 10:00am and purchased day pass for 2 Adults and 2 Kids. We hired lockers but you didn’t really need to if you had a sun lounger as you feel perfectly safe leaving your things with the lounger. The lockers were very clean and tidy, plentiful changing areas upon arrival but got very busy during the evening as everyone was leaving at the same time. 

We had our pick of sun beds and chose ones adjacent to the Kids play area. The park was spotlessly clean, helpful attendants everywhere, lifeguards all around the rapids, lagoon areas etc. Many inflatables for the various rides as well. 

We thoroughly enjoyed the day there. The whole place was relaxing and easy, music playing in the back ground and a general laid back feeling enhanced the visit.

We had lunch at Shark Bites, its a fast food, but cooked to order, it was much better quality than we anticipated. The prices were high for fast food. The portions were rather large and despite being a fast food outlet the service was impeccable. There are golf buggies transporting guests around the park and up to the Dolphin experience, on to the beach and back around to the hotel if you staying at Atlantis hotel.

The place is like a wonderland, visually stunning and just epic fun. It doesn’t cover a huge area, but it’s easy to spend your whole day there. From the torrent wave ride, to the rapids and then onto the many water slides, all of which are great fun each time you do them. Then when you’re brave enough you head up to the Leap Of Faith…. and it really is that. A near vertical drop followed by being surrounded by marine life in the aquarium, whilst travelling at speed. An unreal waterslide. I did not go on it and used baby sitting as excuse but sent wife on it 🙂

It really is fun for the whole family, and is recommended to anyone aged from 6 to 60 years old.

We’ll definitely be returning on our next visit to Dubai.

Opening times?

Aquaventure is open daily from 10:00AM. Closing times vary depending on the time of year, but the park starts closing down around sunset.

Top 5 Rides at Aquaventure Park Dubai:

Among the many attractions at Atlantis, The Palm, the Aquaventure Waterpark provides one of Dubai’s best family days out. Discover relaxing beaches, immersive aquarium tours, and an eatery for every taste. Don’t ride any of these on a full stomach though!

The Leap of Faith:

Cascade 9 stories down one of the park’s most exhilarating waterslides! Once the near vertical drop is over, you’ll find yourself hurtling through a tunnel of sharks and rays!


Shark Attack:

Fancy the shark tunnel without the death-defying drop? Try this fun marine safari instead. You can ride in twos so share the experience with a friend or family member!

Poseidon’s Revenge:

One of the most terrifying waterslides ever devised! Enter the capsule and wait for the ground to vanish beneath you. The rest is not for the faint-hearted!

Atlantean Flyer:

The longest zip-line in the Middle East gives great views over Dubai and the Atlantis resort. There’s an additional charge for this attraction but the adrenaline rush is worth it!

The Rapids:

Like white water rafting without the effort, The Rapids is a twisting, bumping river journey with thrills around every turn!


Aquaventure Day Visitors – Exclusive Online Rate*

1 Day Super Pass for Adults AED 320*
1 Day Super Pass for Kids AED 260*
2 Day Mega Pass for Adults AED 350*
2 Day Mega Pass for Kids AED 290*
0 – 2 years of age Free
* Online rates are subject to seasonal pricing

Aquaventure In-House Guests

Above 1.2 metres Free
Below 1.2 metres Free
0 – 2 years of age Free

Aquaventure Waterpark Cabana Rental

Family Cabana

Suitable for up to 6 people

From AED 955 to AED 1,165
Medium Cabana

Suitable for up to 10 people

From AED 1,255 to AED 1,465
Large Cabana

Suitable for up to 15 people

From AED 1,805 to AED 2,065
Extra Large Cabana

Suitable for up to 20 people

From AED 2,255 to AED 2,890

Please note:

  • Included amenities are fruit, water and lockers
  • Prices are subject to availability and change
  • Prices vary based on seasonal changes

Exclusive Reserved Seating At Neptune’s Retreat

2 Reserved Sunbeds AED 325

Included amenities are fruit, water and all day host service. Prices are subject to availability and change.

Aquaventure Waterpark Adventures

In-House Guests Day visitors
Shark Safari Starting at AED 320 Starting at AED 340
Cownose Ray Feeding Starting at AED 165 Starting at AED 185
Atlantean Flyer Zip Line AED 125 AED 125

Prices are subject to availability and change.


Towel Rental Starting from AED 45
Locker (Small) Rental Starting from AED 45
Locker (Large) Rental Starting from AED 75
Towel and Small Locker Combo Starting from AED 75

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