Autumn 2019 Australia

There is a magical quality to autumn when the leaves start to change colour, from green to yellow, orange and varying shades of red. This year we have been doing summer stuff all the way till Easter and weather has been warm as so not planning to travel any where to see the autumn colours but happy to enjoy at home. We have more than 50 trees in our backyard and front. Some of them are deciduous and have been putting a magical colour so wanted to share with you guys. 

Unfortunately, you won’t see masses of colourful foliage in the Australia’s north and in fact in most Australian cities, except perhaps in Canberra where large numbers of deciduous trees exhibit more dramatic seasonal changes.

It is the deciduous trees that lose their leaves in the winter and in the process undergo changes in colour in the autumn. While there are deciduous trees in many parts of Australia, they may not make much impact with massed autumnal colour changes.

The best autumn leaves in Australia

As summer ends and things cool down autumn leaves put on their perennial show, delighting photographers and nature lovers alike with an explosion of colour. While autumn leaves aren’t as common in Australia as in the northern hemisphere, they’re around if you know where to look. 

  • Bright Autumn Festival, Bright, Victoria
  • Alfred Nicholas Memorial Gardens, Victoria 
  • Alpine High Country, Victoria
  • Hahndorf, South Australia 
  • Mount Lofty Botanical Gardens, South Australia 
  • Blue Mountains, NSW
  • Bowral, NSW 
  • Orange, NSW 
  • Toowoomba, Queensland 
  • Mount Tamborine Botanical Gardens, Queensland 
  • Cascade Gardens, Hobart, Tasmania 
  • Hobart Botanical Gardens, Hobart, Tasmania 
  • Mt Field National Park, Tasmania 
  • Around Port Arthur, Tasmania 
  • Kempton, Tasmania
  • Canberra, ACT

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