Amazing Beaches of Los Angles

Malibu, Westward, Paradise Cove, El Matador and El Pescador  

This about 25 Kilometres strip is one of the most scenic and photographed coastline in the World. They all have their individual significance. Why I combined all 5 Beaches is that if you are in that area none if them is to be missed and you will TOTALLY loved this area. 

Beautiful beaches that left us wanting more of California but at the same time, it left a great lasting impression. Kids loved going up and down the steps and enjoyed being there. Malibu, Westward, Paradise Cove, El Matador and El Pescador beaches are worth taking a look at. Beautiful beaches with amazing rock formations and caves. This is a great place to go to take some pictures. If these beaches look familiar, that’s because lot of movies and TV shows have been filmed here. You might want to check the tides time table before going because at high tide there is not much room to move around on some beaches. There are few steps to go down to the beach. Some people were complaining about the walk from the parking lots to the beach but its not that bad. Took us about 10 minutes from our car to the beach.Once you there you will be glad you done that. 

This area is very scenic and secluded. It is not uncommon to see sea lions and dolphins. There are strenuous hikes up to the parking lot but well worth the scenery and seclusion. There are few caves that you can crawl through to the next beach.

Will Rogers State Beach:

This is a nice location especially when you have children. It’s between Santa Monica and Malibu. This beach was recommended because it’s more for locals and lesser-known than other beaches. This beach doesn’t have the attractions of those others, but it also doesn’t have the crowds and noise and bustle.

The beach is clean and well patrolled with plenty of lifeguard stands. The sand is acceptable, with more stones and larger particles and almost no shells, but it’s perfectly fine for walking or running along the surf. There are restrooms but did not see changing areas other than the toilets. The showers are outside and adequate for rinsing off.

 Santa Monica State Beach: 

Santa Monica Beach is perhaps the most famous of the Los Angeles beaches and this classic stretch of sand offers more than just fun in the sun. There’s plenty of outdoor activities on offer. The beach was clean, golden sand, hot, and the surf was excellent. Brought back so many memories of watching Baywatch. Nice cafes and snack kiosks along the length of the beach. On the beach, bikers, roller-bladers, runners and walkers move along the famed bike path enjoying the beautiful Los Angeles weather. The historic “muscle beach” just north of the pier has areas for workouts. You’ll find lots of volleyball nets as you head north. The solar powered Ferris wheel at the Santa Monica pier spins above the water, while park revellers scream with delight riding the roller coaster. Inland from the beach, Third Street Promenade bustles with shoppers and street performers. One os the MUST DO thing in Los Angles. 

Venice Beach: 

Epicentre of bohemian culture in Los Angeles. Venice beach is great. plenty of performers, especially hippie types having a good time. There is no danger at all to going to Venice beach and the crowd is a mix of free spirited people. The vibe is that of the hippie era and it always puts a smile on our face to be there. The sand, sun, surf and fun energy will give you an experience you wont forget.

Manhattan Beach: 

Manhattan Beach is a laid-back South Bay community popular with families and outdoor enthusiasts. Manhattan Beach is a great place to visit. It is very close to LAX airport and someone with a long layover could really enjoy this place for a couple of hours before resuming their trip. Manhattan Beach is the birth place of Beach Volleyball and there are numerous nets on the beach for tournaments, including the world championships.

The Strand is a great place to stroll. There are beautiful houses along here, including some owned by renowned wealthy people in The World. At the end of the pier, there is an aquarium, The Round House, which was great. Our kids enjoyed interactive session in the aquarium with Marine students. One of them we were talking was planning to come to Australia and spend some time in Great Barrier reef to do some research work to complete her degree. 

Variety of restaurants along the main street will leave you with questions on what and where to have a meal. Many restaurants of different nations can be found here. This is a beautiful wide beach, that is clean and full of families, combed daily, and has plenty of lifeguards. 

Hermosa Beach: 

Families, couples, and friends can always find something to do in Hermosa Beach. Hermosa Beach is a very wide and long beach with very fine sand. Activities are always going on especially volley ball. Loved the beach, food, people and atmosphere. Close to the airport so perfect for breaking up flights. We loved this beach. Hermosa is perfect beach town for a quiet, active, fun get-away. There is plenty to keep you busy or you could just hangout at the pier or on the beach. Lots of great restaurants and bars. The locals are inviting and the service is outstanding in all the venues we visited.

Hermosa Pier

Redondo Beach: 

Redondo is a very beautiful beach and it has all that people look for in a beach. It is extremely clean and well cared for. It is huge the ocean is cold but is very relaxing and has dolphins regularly passing through. The area is very accessible to lovely shops and restaurants. It has very calm waters at times, a great pier to eat and drink at, and a lot of things for kids to do. This is one of our favourite beaches to visit and stay while in Southern California.

Abalone Cove Shoreline Park: 

The Abalone Cove rock pools offer one of the best places to view marine life. Everything from starfish, hermit crabs, and sea slugs can be found here. You should be aware of the long hike down to the rock pools from the dirt parking lot. It took us about 15 minutes to hike down due to the loose rocks and gravel along the path. Once you get to the beach and navigate about 5 minutes through crumbled stone, the beach sand is a beautiful.

There were families and students (taking notes on the abundant marine life). The rock pools are quite calm, but navigating on the slippery rocks can be challenging for the kids and they can fall. There is so much to see and observe in the water. I was surprised to come across hundreds of hermit crabs hiding behind the rocks. It’s quite easy to spend a few hours here.

The hike back was pretty brutal. Walking down the hill to the beach was quite painless, walking back up it was another story. Pace yourself. It can be a good workout. Don’t forget to wear comfortable shoes. 

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