6 Great Asian countries and their Seasonal Sales

Based on our past experience and numerous trip through these beautiful countries we thought this might be worth sharing. Whether you are touring Asia’s historic spectacles or trekking the wild jungles of Southeast Asia, no Asian getaway is complete without a little retail therapy or some leisurely shopping. 

What are the best shopping destinations in Asia and when are their shopping sales in these destinations?????

Are you the type of traveler who has more than a snow globe or keychain in mind when shopping. All big shopaholic Asian cities have their own annual sales. You’ll get better deals, bigger discounts, tourist tax rebates and best of all, you’ll get unique buys that you can’t get hold in your own country. Cashed-up Asian shoppers are switching their retail allegiances from long-time favorites Hong Kong and Singapore, and it’s not just for a change of scenery. Japan, South Korea and Taiwan are the new regional hotspots for selective shoppers, experts say, because they offer a mix of attractive exchange rates and must-have products.


This year, Singapore’s biggest shopping event is back for another year! Locals and tourists are in for a treat because from 21 June to 28 July, you can enjoy up to 70% OFF all your favourite brands and activities! The Singapore Retailers Association (SRA) is also spicing things up with a few fun activities scattered throughout the six-week sale, such as TGIF Shopping Sprees every Friday and additional 7% savings on GST on the 7th of July. 


If you are planning a Korea trip, you’ll be happy to know that Korea has not one but two annual sales! The Korean Grand Sale takes place from the mid January to the end of February and it’s a nation-wide shopping festival. In addition to shopping, you can also grab discount on accommodation, transportation, entertainment, food & beverage and more! You’re sure to get the biggest bang for your buck in Korea during this time.

If you’re heading to Seoul in July, then the Seoul Summer Sale in July is not to be missed. From department stores and duty free shops to restaurants and theatres, the Seoul Summer Sale offers both visitors and residents amazing discounts and tonnes of free gifts. Stocking up on your skincare or purchasing yourself a new outfit? There’s no better time than during the Seoul Summer Sale!


From snacks to cosmetics to limited edition sneakers to what ever you want you can get it during this sale. Japanese people love their limited edition items. We all know that shopping in Japan is amazing at any time of the year, but things get heated up during the Winter Sale in January and February. The year end is a busy time for Japanese shops as everyone is busy doing Christmas or year end sale shopping, but best of all are the fukubukuro that appear after the New Year. These lucky bags are filled with a random assortment of previous season’s items, and are incredible value for money. They are often sold out as soon after opening for sale, but there will definitely be accompanying deals for customers who missed out so it’s always worth lining up the crowd lines. 

The Summer Sale take place from July to August and it’s the best for stocking up on trendy summer clothes. Japan’s summers can be even hotter, so you can be sure that the outfits you pick up at steep discounts during this sale can be worn all year round here. Expect sales of at least 30 – 50% during the summer sale!


The Land of Smiles is a fabulous shopping hotspot at any time of the year, but when the Amazing Thailand Grand Sales run from June to August? The shopping frenzy really starts! You can expect discounts of up to 80% on jewellery, clothes, bags, shoes and more! The best part is, you’ll also get great deals on hotels, entertainment, and activities. It isn’t just the shops at our favourite malls that will participate in the sale. Although you can be sure that the shops at Siam Paragon, Siam Centre, Siam Discovery and Gaysorn will be proudly displaying the big red shopping bag sign, you may also spot the sale sign at small boutiques down quiet lanes so it’s definitely worth exploring other areas! And if you get tired enjoy a relaxing full body Thai massage.

Hong Kong

Anyone who has been to Hong Kong knows that it has more to offer than just dim sim. Beautiful skyline, a bustling culture and fantastic shopping create the perfect package for any visitor. If you want to shop in Hong Kong, the Hong Kong Shopping Festival runs from June to August is by far and away the best time of the year to do so. Not only you get major discounts and deals, shops may also stay open late so that you can maximize your time spent in Hong Kong. If you’re very keen in getting the best deals, you might even be able to get additional coupons from the various malls’ customer service counters. After trawling the many air-conditioned malls, head back to your hotel for a short break before making your way to the many exciting night markets. Looking for electronics? Hong Kong offers great prices on Chinese-made electronics and you can score a great deal, especially during the annual shopping festival. If you want a new camera or camera gear? This is where you should be!


Asia’s biggest sales so far take place during the summer months. If you caught the shopping bug in off-season, Taiwan got The Taiwanese annual sales start in October and run all the way up to December.  The large department stores hold massive sales and crowd number increases during the sales. In fact, traffic disruptions from all the shoppers descending upon the department stores is a regular thing. Don’t forget to check if you can get additional vouchers with purchases above a certain amount, and don’t miss out on the generous gifts that merchants distribute during the sale. Paying for larger purchases with credit cards can also net you additional freebies! The best part is that Taiwan’s weather will have started to cool down during this period, so you’ll be extremely comfortable when you’re travelling around to do the shopping. 

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